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Harley Quinn (The Joker's Girlfriend) Cosplay Photoshoot

When I saw the trailers for the upcoming blockbuster movie "Suicide Squad" and saw that actress Margot Robbie was playing the role of the Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn, I thought it would be fun to do a creative and sexy cosplay shoot.  I happened to come across model Ashley Paige and when I saw her face, I couldn't believe how much she resembled actress Margot!  Well, I knew I had to make this photoshoot happen.  I called Ashley and told her my crazy idea and she was all on board!

The character of Harley Quinn is pretty much a crazy psychopath who meets the Joker in an Insane Asylum. I wanted Ashley to show looks that were fun, cute, sexy, and downright insane and she pulled it off wonderfully!  Big props also to hair and makeup wizard Natalia Issa for making my vision for the shoot a reality.

As you can see from the photos, the shoot was pretty amazing!  I think that after posting these pics, Ashley might just become a pretty popular Margot Robbie/Harley Quinn stand in and definitely a hit at comic cons everywhere!


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Marcella's Atlantis Resort Bahamas Swimsuit Photoshoot

Last week, Alycia and I were in the Bahamas and had a chance to photograph Marcella, who not only designs awesome swimwear, she also models them pretty well! If anyone is interested in buying or checking out the full line of Marcella's swimsuit designs, you can get them exclusively at Gabrielle's Lingerie.

Here are a few from our photoshoot at the Atlantis Resort.


And a little behind the scenes...

Amy's Sassy Boudoir Session

Amy wanted to surprise her future hubby on their wedding day with an album of a few sexy photos of her and she's so happy and proud of them, she said I could share a few with you guys!  I have lots of clients wanting these sessions as gifts to significant others and you should see their reactions!!  In fact, scroll to the bottom to see Brian's great reaction when Amy handed him the album!

Both Alycia and I worked on this session and everything came out great!  Amy looked awesome and once we got some wine in her, she brought out the sexy! ;)

If you are interested in one of these sessions, call the studio and we will get something scheduled.  As always, the hair and makeup was done by the wonderful Amber Lynne!  Enjoy...









Some High Fashion With Meagan!

I couple of months ago, I had a high fashion shoot with Meagan at the studio and we got some truly amazing photos!  I have been photographing Meagan for years and she is one of my favorite subjects to photograph as we always seem to create some very cool imagery!  Well, this shoot was no exception and the hair and makeup was done by my buddy Amber Lynne and she simply rocked it out!

If you are interested in a fun, crazy photoshoot like this, call the studio and we will get something scheduled!

Here are a few faves...







New Fashion-Boudoir Blog Page!

Hey everyone!  I have had a lot of folks ask me if I could start posting some of my fashion and boudoir work and so I created a page off my blog just for this!  I absolutely love shooting edgy fashion concepts and beautiful boudoir photos and so now I have a place to post it where it makes sense!  Stay tuned for LOTS more content here in the upcoming months! Enjoy!

Here are a few that I shot last year...  It was a true pleasure working with Skye, Lily, and Mona, Teresa, Mercedes, and Sally on these photoshoots!  Anyway, here are a few highlights...