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Photographing Miss Kay and Phil from Duck Dynasty!!

I think I must have been living under a rock as when I was asked to photograph Kay and Phil from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty, I had no idea who they were! I posted a status update on Facebook and Twitter and my comments and likes literally EXPLODED! I had NO IDEA that Duck Dynasty had such a huge following!

I then realized it did when I saw that the show had more viewers than American Idol one week.(Which is UNHEARD of since it's a cable show.) So, I watched some episodes to see what all the fuss was about and I have to admit, the show is pretty darn funny! I love how down to earth they seem on the show and found them to be just the same in real life!

The shoot was for the Prestonwood Baptist Pregnancy Center fundraiser headed by my good friend Lisa Freeman. She did an AMAZING job of coordinating the event and pulling it off flawlessly!

It was great meeting everyone and Phil and Kay were the nicest folks ever! Here is a fun shot of me with them after we got done taking all the photos. Consider me a new fan!

Another Episode of FastNLoud for the Discovery Channel

It's safe to now blog about my latest photoshoot for the Discovery Channel hit show Fast N Loud now that the new episode aired last night.   It's always a crazy time working with the boys at the Gas Monkey Garage, but it is always fun!

For the episode, I photographed model/welder Alloy Ash (YES, I did say welder!) on some cars as well as welding in the shop!  It was a definite first for me!! Alloy was great and the crew was fun as usual!

If you haven't seen the show yet, check it out!

Here are a few shots from the shoot...



And here is KC getting in on the act during the closing segment.(I tried really hard not to laugh but finally gave in!)

Here is a video clip...

Photoshoot at GAS Monkey Garage

Olympic Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney's Fashion Photoshoot!

I first met McKayla when I photographed her for USA Today during the USA Olympic Media Summit last May.(You can see some of those photos in the "SPORTS" section of this blog.)  We have stayed in touch since then and I have been so happy to see her doing so well in both gymnastics as well as acting/modeling!  McKayla and her mom happened to be in town for an autograph signing a couple of weeks ago and we were both able to arrange our schedules in order to have a short and fun photoshoot.

She is a total pro and one of my favorite people to photograph!  She can pull off just about any look and I think will do very well in Hollywood!  We actually did a few looks and tried to go for something a bit different than what McKayla has usually done.   As you can see, McKayla rocked out the session and I think we accomplished the goal well!

As usual, the wonderful hair/makeup artist Amber Lynne did an amazing job with McKayla!!  Alycia also happened to grab a few behind the scenes shots and so I thought I would put a little video together for everyone.


And here are a few photos from the session...






 And as you can see, McKayla wasn't impressed at first, but by the end of the shoot, I had won her over. ;)



My Annual Holiday Print Sale!


I have had a lot of requests asking if I was going to continue my annual tradition of having a Holiday print sale and the answer is YES!!

Due to all of the last minute orders I usually get, I decided to start the sale a bit early this year for all of you over achievers!

All of this year's galleries have been reactivated and from now until midnight on December 15th, all print sales will be on sale for 20% off!  The promo code to use when you checkout is "holiday".   Feel free to call the studio if you have any questions!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Cameo on Discovery Channel's Fast N Loud!

When I got the call from the TV producers in Los Angeles to make a cameo on the Discovery Channel's new show Fast N Loud, I thought it might be fun and agreed.  It was a riot meeting Richard and Aaron(the stars of the show) and seeing them in action.  These guys are both VERY talented as well as completely crazy! LOL!

Alycia and I had a blast on set with everyone and the only part that was tough was that I had to do my photoshoot right at noon on a blistering hot day with not a cloud in the sky!  There was not even any buildings or trees around to backlight, so out came the big Profoto lights!

I photographed a model on the Green Gasser and then took some shots of Richard and Aaron.  The episode is titled "Monkey Business Dragster" and it's number 3 in the series.  I have since started watching the show and it's very cool and lots of fun as they find some really old and beat up cars and turn them into beauties in a short amount of time!

Anyway, here are a few shots from the set...

Alycia took this setup shot with her iphone.



I told you that these guys were crazy! ;)